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More Than Band Baaja Baaraat – Wedding Photography Blog

Weddings all around the world are a hectic affair for everyone involved in organizing the grand event. But it all culminates into one big happy ending....

23 April 2018

Light on the Lake

An article by Manfrotto Ambassador Philip Thurston. Australia is a big place. A really big place. There is distinctive imagery that comes to mind when you...

24 January 2018

Discover Portugal and its islands, Madeira and the Azores

Portugal is mainland Europe’s westernmost country and is bathed by the Atlantic ocean… I invite you to visit it from North to South, including its islands....

03 January 2018

Dark mood photography

It’s Christmas time and a season of cakes and sweets. I am a really big fan of sweets and desserts. Baking and shooting as well. But...

03 January 2018

A Weekend in Italy with the Aviator Drone Backpack

Every time before I start a new adventure one of the main questions is how to transport my drone? Do I carry it in a case,...

11 December 2017

Manfrotto & Diografic – An Interview

  1# Tell us a bit about your professional journey. How did you first get into photography? As an Art Director, Photography appeared into my life...

06 December 2017

So Much To Do, So Little Time. This Can Only Be Cape Town

Cape Town, also known in South Africa as the “Mother City” is probably my favourite South African city. There are so many reasons I love coming...

15 November 2017

Outdoor Adventure with drone backpack Hover-25

Within the 9 months I’ve owned a DJI Mavic Pro, I’ve cycled through 4 or 5 different backpacks searching for the perfect fit. As a landscape...

14 November 2017

Rocky Mountains with Aviator Hover-25 drone backpack

I called the rugged Rocky Mountains home for 6 years prior to moving to the Bay Area in 2013 for a work opportunity. Out here, the...

06 November 2017

Visiting New Zealand with the new Befree Live

“Oh my goodness. Pull over!!” I shriek, as if a snake just popped out of the glove box! No snakes though, just an insatiable desire to...

24 October 2017

Styling tips for an eye-catching Autumn food picture

Everything began with a blog. Before starting my food blog in 2009 I would write with pleasure when required, I would cook with abandon at every...

17 October 2017

TwistGrip System meets Dean Blotto Gray

In recent months I’ve been finding the need for an ‘on camera LED light’ mounted to my DSLR and mirrorless camera rigs, while simultaneously thinking about...

17 October 2017

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