Philip Thurston for Manfrotto

Ocean photography from a new viewpoint

Being an ocean photographer for the majority of my life, I’ve developed quite a relationship with moving water, it’s an energy and art form that I...

11 December 2018


5 Tips to Streamline your Travel as a Photographer

As a traveling wedding photographer, I’ve done my fair share of miles on a plane to far away destinations with a bag full of camera gear!...

29 November 2018

Rain photography


Monsoon is a great time to get creative with the camera. Be it a drizzle or a thunderstorm, with the right theme, skill & technique, you...

18 July 2018

How to use Histogram - Manfrotto

Understanding the Histogram with Sean Ensch

Some people may wonder, “What is that weird looking graph that you see pop up in your camera display or in editing software?” That graph is...

10 July 2018


There is a saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. It’s a saying about how there is no judging for taste, or should be no...

26 June 2018

How to make great smartphone photography

I love photography since I was a little girl, I started off with old-fashioned cameras, then passed on to compact cameras and now DSLR. DSLR has been...

17 May 2018

Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Let’s talk about focal lengths. Well first, what is it? Focal length refers to the calculation of the optical distance from where the light rays of...

15 May 2018

Cycling photography Volodya Voronin for Manfrotto

Cycling photography: how to capture the moment

Alright, at first I would like to tell about the event itself. Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a very tough challenge for the competitors. The contestants...

11 May 2018

Manfrotto Sara Izzi

Photography trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Last September, I went to Central Asia for the first time and I totally fell in love with the place. This dreamy place of barren lands...

01 May 2018

Macca Sherifi

10 Mistakes You’ll Make as a New Photographer

Avoid these common photography mistakes and start seeing some massive improvements as a photographer   I’m going to say something that I hope makes you very...

24 April 2018

James Knight for Manfrotto

Ocean Aerial Photography And The Australian East Coast

Living in Australia has many benefits. One of the best? Our whole country is surrounded by the ocean. I have been lucky enough to grow up...

16 April 2018

Macca Sherifi for Manfrotto

Winter photography tips

Wrap up warm and take some of the most beautiful photos this winter   Winter is arguably the most beautiful time of the year, and it...

15 March 2018

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