Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Let’s talk about focal lengths. Well first, what is it? Focal length refers to the calculation of the optical distance from where the light rays of...

15 May 2018

Cycling photography Volodya Voronin for Manfrotto

Cycling photography: how to capture the moment

Alright, at first I would like to tell about the event itself. Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a very tough challenge for the competitors. The contestants...

11 May 2018

Macca Sherifi

10 Mistakes You’ll Make as a New Photographer

Avoid these common photography mistakes and start seeing some massive improvements as a photographer   I’m going to say something that I hope makes you very...

24 April 2018

James Knight for Manfrotto

Ocean Aerial Photography And The Australian East Coast

Living in Australia has many benefits. One of the best? Our whole country is surrounded by the ocean. I have been lucky enough to grow up...

16 April 2018

Roberta Dall'Alba, Cinemagraphs for Manfrotto

5 Reasons why you should start creating cinemagraphs

“This picture is hypnotic!” “I could look at it for hours!” “I’m enchanted, how can you get your eyes off the screen?” – these are only...

19 March 2018

Exploring Chernobyl with the Street bag

My latest adventure saw me fulfilling one of my photography dreams. I was fortunate enough to have three days photographing and exploring the exclusion zone of...

20 June 2016

Ardmore Ceramic Art

While most of our photography and video work is in the wildlife, conservation and travel fields ( we do have some commercial clients as well, like...

25 May 2016

Exploring the Causeway Coast with the Manfrotto Messenger Bag

Do I turn left, or do I turn right? This is the dilemma that faces me every time I set out for another landscape photography trip....

13 May 2016

The Importance of Trusted Gear

My name is Charlie Scarborough and I am a young entrepreneur and aspiring photographer. Oh yeah, and I am only 15 years old; born and raised...

13 April 2016

Photography with the Allegra 50

Photography bags! Well where do we start, you have backpacks, Holsters, Pouches, Rolling, Slings, and Messenger the list goes on. It’s down to personal preference really;...

26 February 2015

Manfrotto Messenger Unica V: Revive the story in motion

I remember reportage bags showing a fighter side of the photographer. Thinking about the Nikon reporter bag and everything that made the panoply of the photojournalist:...

23 February 2015

A Chill, Video Portrait

I met Cass, or “Marcus Alfonso,” an aspiring model/actor, through my coworker, our mutual friend Gary. Cass reached out to me awhile back for help developing...

22 January 2015

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