Mobile photography and motion blur – options limited only by imagination – imagine more!

In my first mobile phone photography article I looked at the idea of making the subject of an image stand out by using a shallow depth...

27 March 2015

Mobile photography and tilt shift – simulating the tilt effect

Last week I introduced tilt shift in mobile photography and went on to look at the shift aspect in more detail. This week I want to...

19 March 2015

Mobile photography and depth of field

Making use of depth of field or depth of focus is one of the great challenges when using a mobile phone for photography. Traditional (D)SLR cameras...

06 March 2015

4 Tips to Transform iPhone Photos with Artistic Blur

Blur effects, if carefully applied to your photographs, can create a dreamy, mysterious, even ghostly atmosphere, transforming your original images into something else entirely. When it...

06 February 2015

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