Unveil the potential of your photos through post-production

Let’s turn from technique to what happens after you’ve taken the shot. Once you’ve transferred the photos to your computer and sorted through them, do you...

21 October 2014

Macro isn’t just for flowers!

If you’re not particularly passionate about culinary photography, maybe macro will pique your interest. Macrophotography consists of photographing a subject from very close up, enlarged to...

17 October 2014

10 errors to avoid when you are starting out as a culinary photographer.

It is a great pleasure to be back on this blog for the entire month of November with 4 new articles on culinary photography. So to...

01 October 2014

Culinary Photography: behind the scenes of a photo shoot.

To conclude the month we have spent together on this blog, I decided to share a behind the scenes look at a photo session with you....

30 April 2014

Culinary photography: how can you make soup sexy?

Soup is not the most visually stunning subject in culinary photography. But it is both simple and complex as a subject. Perhaps it isn’t very attractive,...

16 April 2014

Culinary photography: creating an ambiance

Hello to everyone! My name is Virginia, but I am better known by the pseudonym chefNini in the culinary blogosphere. You are probably wondering what a...

06 April 2014

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