Photographing flowers and creating tutorials

My passion for plants and gardening blossomed in adulthood. Being self-taught, I couldn’t count on any lessons from family or friends, which seems to be the...

08 April 2016

Photography Challenges: 17 Subjects to Awaken Your Creative Eye

Sometimes you don’t see the forest for the trees. Or, you would like to do a certain thing, but don’t quite know how to approach it....

31 January 2015

How to Create Whimsical Photo Illustrations Using Characters

The central character in many of my illustrations is the little monster. Here at Manfrotto Imagine More I wrote an article last year about the beginnings...

17 May 2014

Flower Power

Flowers are one of my favorite photography subjects, they have amazing colours and hues, as well as graceful curves and textures.  It’s no wonder that in...

11 November 2013

Vicky’s friendly dishes

Hello everyone! Here we are together for the second time, and we hope you are ready, because today we want to talk to you about something...

14 October 2013

Plucked to Present

Finally, after gloomy months without sun and warmth which felt like an eternity, the sun is out again, filling my heart, my soul, and my flower...

07 May 2013

Our Brands