Have iPhones and Instagram Ruined Photography?

Photography as an art form has been widely respected for over a century, with many photographers becoming studied artists and capturers of pivotal moments in history....

29 April 2016

Lykos Daylight LED panel – A food blogger’s experience

Until a few weeks ago, I’d have never thought it possible that this photo could have been taken on a winter evening, in total darkness, inside...

05 March 2016

The use of layers in food photography

We can skirt round it as much as we like, but one thing is certain: in food and travel writing, photographs are so important, especially if...

16 January 2016

How to do photos for food features with not much light

In this article, I will give you some advice on how to create indoor photos for food features, with very little (even coloured) light, in a...

12 December 2013

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