Elaine Li for Manfrotto

Killing two birds with one stone – Photographic journey through Tasmania

I recently went on a trip to Tasmania, an isolated island state off the southern coast of Australia. Tasmania is known for its vast rugged wilderness...

20 July 2018

Magic hour Flowers

Top Tips for Shooting in Magic Hour

How to get the most out of magic hour to take those perfect photos. Magic hour. All photographers know that if you want to take the...

29 January 2018

10 quick landscape photography tips

1# Gear: using a tripod and filters to capture movement When shooting landscapes, a lot of the time you are shooting in golden hour and in...

10 January 2017

#NOFILTER: Travel Photography that shows the world as it really is

In recent years, there has been a democratization of photography. This has been made possible with the availability of affordable digital cameras and, more than anything...

17 March 2015

Sunset: golden hour photos from Around the World

If there is something travelers and photographers have in common it’s their love for the Golden Hour. Also known as “Magic Hour”, this is the brief...

12 October 2014

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