Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Greece. One of the greatest nations in history. From ancient Greece came much great architecture, music, drama, design, art, philosophy, and democracy. The country was a...

19 September 2018

3 hotels, 3 cities, 3 styles

Hotels are a destination and an inspiration. Inspiration Hotel Hotel photography is both a job and a muse for lots of artists. For example, Edward Hopper...

13 June 2014

Journey to Greece

Greece has always held a special place in my heart. My maternal grandfather was born in Greece, and although he died when I was a little...

23 August 2013

Photography Adventures From Venice to Greece

Hi, Jim Patterson here from Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m a college professor and photographer.  This is a target rich state for photographers.  This is a story about...

19 July 2013

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