Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Greece. One of the greatest nations in history. From ancient Greece came much great architecture, music, drama, design, art, philosophy, and democracy. The country was a...

19 September 2018

Lessons in Love: Valentine’s Day Photography Ideas

CREDIT: KIEN LAM, Kien Lam Photography, @hellokien It’s that time of year—love is in the air.  For photographers, the “L” word could mean anything from scheduling...

13 February 2017

Planning Your Photography Trip to Lanzarote

If you read my last article on why Lanzarote should be on the bucket list of any discerning travel or landscape photographer, then I hope your...

15 September 2016

Why Lanzarote should make your photo bucket list

If you’re an aspiring landscape or travel photographer, your social media feeds are probably reminding you by the day that you must book a trip to...

23 August 2016

Contrast in Faial

Our latest trip took us to a tiny island, two and a half hours into the middle of the Atlantic by the name of Faial. Part...

06 November 2013

Table decoration on Halloween

Dressing up is the dream of every child. Our guys are looking forward to Halloween like crazy. In our childhood Halloween, the festival of ghosts and...

31 October 2013

Trick or Treat – the Top 5 Halloween Costumes

We take a look at the ultimate Halloween outfits

31 October 2012

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