An Icelandic Fairytale

Iceland is an extraordinarily diverse landscape, enriched with everything from windswept valleys lined with snowy peaks reaching into the clouds, to mossy lava fields, black sand...

26 July 2017

5 essential gear for the Northern Lights

Whether in season or not, The Northern lights (or aurora borealis) are always the talk of the town amid avid travellers and photographers alike. There’s just...

14 July 2016

Capturing Iceland’s Northern lights

Browsing through photos of the Northern lights (or more scientifically put, the Aurora Borealis) in National Geographic is one thing however, seeing them with your own...

26 January 2016

Iceland: A photographer’s paradise.

Whether you’re a travel lover or nature enthusiast, chances are you’ve already stumbled upon thousands of breath-taking images of Iceland’s majestic landscapes that make you want...

18 January 2016

The Iceland you don’t expect

When you think about Iceland, you probably, like us, imagine hot springs in the middle of nowhere, boiling hot water that spouts when you least expect...

10 January 2016

Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

I first went to Iceland in 2011 and was so blown away by the spectacular scenery; I just had to go back. I now take other...

11 June 2013

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