Everything in My Own Hands.

For my pictures and illustrations I always use size A2 or A3 paper, black fineliners of various widths, and concrete objects found in the garden, kitchen,...

22 May 2014

Making of „whimsical cloud shaper.“

It is Saturday morning – I am sitting with my coffee and iPad on the sofa, scrolling through my Instagram feed. As every weekend, I come...

26 September 2013

Almost a Zoo.

Ever since my childhood, some situations, sentences, or events trigger associations in my head which make me laugh or smile to myself. I can well remember...

20 September 2013

Main Actor: Little Monster

Long ears, two small horns, large eyes, and a crooked grin. The little monster which appears in many of my pictures is the embodiment of the...

13 September 2013

Maybe that is it.

When I placed an object onto white paper and added a few doodles for the first time, I couldn’t have imaged what would come of it...

04 September 2013

Our Brands