Sharing relevant content on Instagram

Hi! I’m Elaine, an advertising art director and freelance photographer from Hong Kong. I downloaded Instagram five years ago, and have been sharing my photography work...

27 March 2017

How to Create Instagram Video in 5 Simple Steps

Move over photos, make some room for video!  Instagram is embracing video in a big way, allowing users to post up to 60 second videos to...

07 February 2017

Instagram Stories: How to Create Engaging Content

Let’s be honest.  What we see on Instagram is not always a true account for what is happening at this very instant.  Often, the content we...

07 February 2017

The Manfrotto TwistGrip

If you love to document your life, capturing important moments as fast they come, Manfrotto has a slick line-up of accessories that will take your smartphone’s...

09 May 2016

Social Media | Be Yourself

I have often been asked if I kept a content calendar or if I scheduled my posts on Instagram. If I calculated the numbers of posts...

04 May 2016

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