iPhoneography New World

There’s no denying the fact that iPhone has become a synonym for a camera. The iPhone camera and its single-focus lens, beloved by people the world...

25 June 2015

10 Perfect Editing Apps for the Family iPhoneographer

If you are anything like me, I am ALWAYS looking for a new and upcoming app to make my iPhone photos look even better. There is...

17 June 2014

Master the KLYPPapp and broaden your range of expression : iPhone® × KLYP+

Broaden your world view with KLYPapp. The new KLYP+ three new lenses– fish eye, landscape, and portrait –offer you a whole new angle of view. Use...

04 March 2014

Get comfortable with the subject: iPHONE® × KLYP+

By adding KLYP+ lenses and LED, you can dramatically increase the range of possibilities of your iPhone. Thanks to KLYP+, iPhoneography has progressed in leaps and...

20 February 2014

Having fun with portrait photography using KLYP+ lenses for your iPhone®

Taking portraits, one of iPhone®’s greatest strengths, just got even more fun with 3 new mountable lenses. What usually ends up being the subject of your...

13 February 2014

Capturing the moment: iPhone® × KLYP+

The most powerful camera for snapping the moment…and tool to further ramp up the fun. Imagine a gorgeous vista opening up before your eyes. What is...

06 February 2014

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