Finally – it’s Spring Again.

Last year I found so much inspiration for my illustrations in my garden and blossoms, leaves, and plants made up a big part of the objects...

07 May 2016

Everything in My Own Hands.

For my pictures and illustrations I always use size A2 or A3 paper, black fineliners of various widths, and concrete objects found in the garden, kitchen,...

22 May 2014

How to Create Whimsical Photo Illustrations Using Characters

The central character in many of my illustrations is the little monster. Here at Manfrotto Imagine More I wrote an article last year about the beginnings...

17 May 2014

Maybe that is it.

When I placed an object onto white paper and added a few doodles for the first time, I couldn’t have imaged what would come of it...

04 September 2013

Our Brands