Wildlife Photography with the Manfrotto KLYP Macro Lens

I never imagined I would be using my phone as much as I do for wildlife photography! Armed with a Canon 7D MrkII and a Canon...

25 August 2015

Taking a closer look at Manfrotto iPhone KLYP System

Pro-Photographer Jack Hollingsworth takes a closer look at Manfrotto iPhone KLYP System PART 1: OVERVIEW OF ATTACHMENT LENSES My name is Jack Hollingsworth.  I’ve been a...

18 July 2015

Clip-on lenses for the iPhone: Manfrotto Klyp

As a mobile photographer I am always on the look out for new ways, new motives, new locations, new ways of editing photos, new equipment… …...

11 July 2014

Flower contest: we have the winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our Flower contest! Here they are: Number 1 Heads up by Paula Velarde: Congratulations to Paula Velarde who will receive...

25 January 2014

Download the new Manfrotto Golden Hour app!

Today we would like to introduce you a new and completely free Manfrotto App: the Golden Hour app, available for iPhone and iPad. This high quality application gives you comprehensive...

11 October 2013

Techniques for Improving Iphone Portraits Using Manfrotto KLYP

Richard Gray is running a 5-week advanced iphoneography workshop and last week he covered portraits using the iphone camera in conjunction with an LED iPhone Case the...

03 May 2013

Sharing Your Life with a Dog

Spending my weekends with Uta, the time just flies by.

02 April 2013


Her name is Uta. She is two years old and absolutely full of beans. Her special talent is catching balls in mid-air. As you can see, she...

28 February 2013

How to take amazing photos with your phone – 3 Golden Rules

Simple tips for great iPhone pics

29 October 2012

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