Elaine Li Befree Advanced Carbon

Befree Advanced Carbon: Best tripod for photo adventures

Just a few days ago I was asked by a friend, “What’s the one thing you can’t travel without?”. The answer is always my camera or...

28 June 2018

Costa Rica Vitamina Project for Manfrotto


We had dreamed of it for so long, we had desired it even longer. Over and over, we had repeated to ourselves that ubiquitous Costa Rican...

18 June 2018


Learn Amazing Motorcycle Photography

Capturing the energy, emotion, atmosphere and excitement of a live performance has long been the ambition of many a photographer. The turbulent lifestyles of rock and...

15 February 2018

10 quick landscape photography tips

1# Gear: using a tripod and filters to capture movement When shooting landscapes, a lot of the time you are shooting in golden hour and in...

10 January 2017

Five Most Underrated Landscape Locations

I have travelled to many places around the world thankfully, so I prepared a list of my favourite underrated locations where I think photo opportunities are...

14 December 2016

Why Lanzarote should make your photo bucket list

If you’re an aspiring landscape or travel photographer, your social media feeds are probably reminding you by the day that you must book a trip to...

23 August 2016

Passion, or how to get out of a photography rut

Everybody has gone through a period where inspiration is hard to come by. It’s that terrible lack of motivation or self-confidence that prevents us from doing...

02 April 2016

My favourite place to travel

In the past few years, through my journey through photography and my course of study, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best...

02 December 2015

Adventures in the North York Moors National Park, with the Manfrotto Befree Carbon Tripod.

Being a keen walker and cyclist that likes to get off the beaten track, I’ve been in the market for a quality, compact, lightweight tripod for...

05 August 2015

Hiking in the Yorkshire Dales with the Manfrotto Off Road Walking Sticks

Hiking and Photography, two of my favourite things, always on the lookout for the best kind of kit to use when combining the two I was...

29 May 2015

Traveling Off Road and Lightweight in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Photographing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a landscape photographer’s dream with pristine, rugged landscapes and surrounded by three of the five Great Lakes —...

14 May 2015

Tips for making black and white photo montages with Juxtaposer

This photo was done with the Juxtaposer application. Title: We will be legends This application will let you close cut silhouettes, like people or children as...

24 April 2015

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