Abandoned Places with your Smartphone

If, when you pass by an abandoned house, you get the urge to go inside or are curious about who lived there, if you hear rust...

27 October 2015

Creative Blur with your Smartphone

A “blurred” shot is normally considered to be a technical due to camera movement or to an overly long exposure of a subject in motion. Many...

23 October 2015

Landscape photography with your smartphone

In many aspects, a smartphone is the ideal camera for landscape photography: its fixed wideangle lens (usually 35 mm) is the most suitable, the sensor works...

16 October 2015

With Manfrotto Off road on the Costa dei Trabocchi

I had been wanting to organise a trip along the famous Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region for a while, and, seeing as my new...

09 May 2015

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