Finland Diary

1 car, 4 friends and more than 3000 km in 14 days from Helsinki to Nuorgamintie and back. Smiles, laughter, hugs and moody moments, but when...

05 October 2016

Planning Your Photography Trip to Lanzarote

If you read my last article on why Lanzarote should be on the bucket list of any discerning travel or landscape photographer, then I hope your...

15 September 2016

11 Surefire Landscape Photography Tips

At the surface landscape photography seems like a simple practice, but as you dig deeper you to start to uncover layers of nuance and technique. Quite...

05 September 2016

The Importance of Trusted Gear

My name is Charlie Scarborough and I am a young entrepreneur and aspiring photographer. Oh yeah, and I am only 15 years old; born and raised...

13 April 2016

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