Befree advanced carbon

Exploring the Catskills region of upstate New York with Manfrotto Befree Advanced Carbon

New York state has a lot more to offer than just the big city. If one takes the two-hour journey upstate, there are many adventures to...

03 August 2018

Elaine Li for Manfrotto

Killing two birds with one stone – Photographic journey through Tasmania

I recently went on a trip to Tasmania, an isolated island state off the southern coast of Australia. Tasmania is known for its vast rugged wilderness...

20 July 2018

Crete Senesi Jul's Kitchen for Manfrotto

The Crete Senesi in the low season. 5 Good reasons to organize a photo trip here

Traveling in the low season is a photographer’s dream. I learnt to appreciate the low season as this is the only moment when I am free...

05 March 2018

Elaine Li Fireworks Article

How to shoot fireworks: 5 golden rules

Find the best location to capture fireworks. Firework displays always attract big crowds, so make sure you get there early to set up camp. I try...

27 February 2018


Shooting in extreme winter conditions and environment

Shooting on the snow combines an intense and meticulous organization that puts together the photographer’s abilities and the uncontrollable mother nature. The more the photographer is...

23 February 2018

Sean Ensch Night Photography


There’s something special about capturing photos of the night sky that the naked eye can’t quite catch. The endless stars, the colors of the milky way,...

19 February 2018

A tour around the world on Instagram? OK, but why?

Traveling around the world comes down to a choice, a desire that takes hold of you. Ever since my childhood, I have yearned to discover the...

09 April 2016

Abandoned Places with your Smartphone

If, when you pass by an abandoned house, you get the urge to go inside or are curious about who lived there, if you hear rust...

27 October 2015

Creative Blur with your Smartphone

A “blurred” shot is normally considered to be a technical due to camera movement or to an overly long exposure of a subject in motion. Many...

23 October 2015

Landscape photography with your smartphone

In many aspects, a smartphone is the ideal camera for landscape photography: its fixed wideangle lens (usually 35 mm) is the most suitable, the sensor works...

16 October 2015


During every photography course, you often hear that you need light for taking photos and that, without it, you can do very little. It is true;...

13 July 2015


If I have to recommend a satisfying technique to a beginner photographer that will enable him or her to obtain good results right from the start,...

25 June 2015

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