#letmetalkaboutlove | Define Love

– When you think of love, what is the first object that comes to mind? – The dishwasher. This is how the idea was born, with...

14 February 2017

Lessons in Love: Valentine’s Day Photography Ideas

CREDIT: KIEN LAM, Kien Lam Photography, @hellokien It’s that time of year—love is in the air.  For photographers, the “L” word could mean anything from scheduling...

13 February 2017

Capturing the Details of Childhood

5 Ways to Capture Children’s Relationships With Loved Ones Through Photos Children start developing strong relationships with the special people in their lives early on.  It...

07 April 2015


We are pleased to announce the winners of our Love Photo contest! Here they are: TITLE: Love hurts.. DESCRIPTION: Heart between the rain drops on the...

19 February 2014

Flower Power

Flowers are one of my favorite photography subjects, they have amazing colours and hues, as well as graceful curves and textures.  It’s no wonder that in...

11 November 2013

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