Quick Tips for Architecture Photography

When we think about architecture photography, we think about a building, an entire project to shoot.  Don’t be scared to get closer, find details and colors...

10 June 2016

Passion, or how to get out of a photography rut

Everybody has gone through a period where inspiration is hard to come by. It’s that terrible lack of motivation or self-confidence that prevents us from doing...

02 April 2016

Wildlife Photography with the Manfrotto KLYP Macro Lens

I never imagined I would be using my phone as much as I do for wildlife photography! Armed with a Canon 7D MrkII and a Canon...

25 August 2015

Macro Moth Magic!

I have recently started to get very interested in moths, after visiting a few public moth trap session in my local area. Moths are often considered...

23 October 2014

Pushing your mobile photography to the limit

When I posted my first Instagram photo a little less than 4 years ago, I didn’t realise that mobile photography would become a part of my...

26 August 2014

Social Media

(Alberta, Canada.) Hi, I’m Lauren Bath professional Instagrammer and this is my last post as a guest blogger for Manfrotto. If you’ve been along for the...

25 March 2014

Our Brands