manfrotto pro light cinematic expand

To Amsterdam, Milan and Montecarlo with Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic Expand

Travelling is an integral part of my job as a videomaker and certainly one of the most exciting aspects, as it gives me the opportunity to...

03 August 2018

Manfrotto Imagine More Befree Advanced Carbon

My Go To Adventure Travel Tripod

My style of photography has evolved over the years based on my interests, but currently I’m most fascinated by the night sky. Being alone in nature...

02 August 2018

Ficoeuva and Manfrotto in Funny Plates

We’re back! Remember us? We are Sara and Paolo, Ficoeuva in the bloggosphere: we already met here, here, here, and here. Today, we’re finally back on...

07 May 2016

Photographing flowers and creating tutorials

My passion for plants and gardening blossomed in adulthood. Being self-taught, I couldn’t count on any lessons from family or friends, which seems to be the...

08 April 2016

Amongst the vineyards of the Basse Langhe

September is the month of the grape harvest, the time of change and also the favourite month for weddings. This was certainly clear to the newly-wed...

01 January 2016

With Manfrotto Off road on the Costa dei Trabocchi

I had been wanting to organise a trip along the famous Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region for a while, and, seeing as my new...

09 May 2015

Photography with the Tripod Compact Action kit

Lightweight, compact and practical are the three adjectives which first came to mind having attached my Manfrotto Tripod Compact Action to my mountain bike rucksack. To...

28 August 2014

What should you take with you for your holiday photos?

Before going on holiday, friends often ask me for advice on what photographic equipment to take with them and, even more often, when I utter the...

05 June 2014

Testing out the new Manfrotto Pocket!

You what it’s like when you see something and immediately think, “It’s so simple and ingenious… why didn’t I think of it?”. This is almost certainly...

18 February 2014

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