City Trips with the TwistGrip

As I made my way through the world and along mountain hiking trails, I started to feel the desire and then the need to directly share...

11 May 2016

How do you transform your mobile photos into surrealist pieces of art (continued)

In my first article, I was able to talk to you about one of my favorite applications, that is, superimpose. This is an application that lets...

02 May 2015

Mobile photography and surrealism with the Superimpose application.

For this first Mobile Tips article, I decided to talk about an application that helps me a lot when I want to create a visual effect,...

05 April 2015

My photography apps

Having begun using my smartphone to take photographs, I was immediately interested in the various photography apps that the market has to offer. There are some...

17 October 2013

Mobile street photography

Since the very start of my interest in photography, roughly three years ago, I was immediately attracted to street photography; it is a genre that allows...

05 October 2013

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