Wedding Photography Manfrotto

Wedding Photography with Simple Tools

Wedding photography is something that scares a lot of people. I mean, I was scared to shoot weddings before I started being asked by brides and...

22 October 2018

Manfrotto Walking Poles: giving your trekking photos wings

There are ever more cyclists and ever fewer walkers but, every time we get the chance to escape to the mountains and get back in touch...

24 July 2015

With Manfrotto Off road on the Costa dei Trabocchi

I had been wanting to organise a trip along the famous Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region for a while, and, seeing as my new...

09 May 2015


Nowadays, science and technology have gained tremendous development. Only a decade ago, the application of social network was not yet a common practice, camera phones were...

16 September 2014

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