Tre Cime di Lavaredo Astrophotography

Astrophotography in the Dolomites by Nico Babot

The plan was simple: go to the Dolomites, hike to some remote locations to get minimal light pollution and capture the Milky Way over some of the...

09 July 2018

Macca Sherifi for Manfrotto

Top Tips for Taking Photos of Fireworks

How to take perfect photos of fireworks time and time again   No matter what time of year it is you’re never far from a beautiful...

04 July 2018

Elaine Li Tokyo for Manfrotto

Journey through Tokyo Landmarks

Tokyo is known for its chaos that runs strong in the heart of one of the most systematized nation in the world. Chaos is easily experienced...

23 March 2018

Elaine Li Fireworks Article

How to shoot fireworks: 5 golden rules

Find the best location to capture fireworks. Firework displays always attract big crowds, so make sure you get there early to set up camp. I try...

27 February 2018

Sean Ensch Night Photography


There’s something special about capturing photos of the night sky that the naked eye can’t quite catch. The endless stars, the colors of the milky way,...

19 February 2018

City Trips with the TwistGrip

As I made my way through the world and along mountain hiking trails, I started to feel the desire and then the need to directly share...

11 May 2016

Urban photography

If you want to get better as a photographer, you have to practice (and read lots of excellent articles! 😉 ). And for lots of easy...

09 February 2016

Annecy by night and mountain lakes with the 190CXPRO4 tripod

Annecy is called the “Venice of the Alps” because of the many canals that traverse the Old City. This makes the city very popular with tourists…so...

06 December 2015


Here I am with my final post devoted to night-time, or at the least low-light, photography. During this series of posts, I have discussed the “artistic”...

31 July 2015


  In my previous post, I talked about the basic techniques for photographing one of the characteristic features of a city: the atmosphere created in the...

21 July 2015


In my previous post, I discussed the fundamental basics of night-time photography, but I also offered some creative solutions, of which one was precisely “urban photography”....

17 July 2015


During every photography course, you often hear that you need light for taking photos and that, without it, you can do very little. It is true;...

13 July 2015

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