Norway, the ultimate photo adventure.

Norway is a special place for photographers. The landscape of the country is unique and beautiful, it’s wide open and wild, and you can roam freely...

02 June 2015

How to shoot the elusive Aurora Borealis

The Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) is a natural phenomenon that takes place in the Northern Hemisphere. Mostly seen in places of high latitude, like above...

10 March 2015

Aurora borealis, an ephemeral dance over the Lofoten Islands

It’s not everyone who has the privilege of witnessing the aurora borealis during the long winter nights in Northern Europe. The greenish shades of the Northern...

08 June 2014

Traveling Norway: The White Desert

During the Norwegian winter, the Hardangervidda is one the most inhospitable regions. The photographer and adventurer Martin Hülle, however, has found a second, icy home there....

28 June 2013

Hiking from Sweden to Norway: A Declaration of Love

In the beginning, there was a plan, as simple as it was tempting: A hiking tour from Saltoluokta in Sweden to Sulitjelma in Norway. Right through...

10 June 2013

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