James Knight for Manfrotto

Ocean Aerial Photography And The Australian East Coast

Living in Australia has many benefits. One of the best? Our whole country is surrounded by the ocean. I have been lucky enough to grow up...

16 April 2018

Traveling to the Islands of Karimunjawa Indonesia

Located off the North coast of Java in Indonesia, Karimunjawa is an archipelago of 27 picture perfect islands, complete with crystal clear waters, blue skies and...

23 July 2013

Photography Adventures From Venice to Greece

Hi, Jim Patterson here from Phoenix, Arizona.  I’m a college professor and photographer.  This is a target rich state for photographers.  This is a story about...

19 July 2013

Photographing the French Coastlines

So many dream of far-off destinations to get a taste of the unfamiliar, like the skyscrapers of New York described by An7hony last week. But you...

10 July 2013

Photo Journey of the Majestic Northumberland Castle and Coast

Northumberland is a spectacular area to photograph. It’s packed full of history and it’s coastline is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This relatively small...

25 June 2013

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