James Knight for Manfrotto

Ocean Aerial Photography And The Australian East Coast

Living in Australia has many benefits. One of the best? Our whole country is surrounded by the ocean. I have been lucky enough to grow up...

16 April 2018

Getting to the point of having one’s own style

Getting out into large open spaces In my last article, I discussed why I started taking photographs as well as the things I prioritize when taking...

14 September 2014

Continuing to take photographs

Shooting photos of things you like the way you like. I began taking photos when I became a university student. I developed a faint affinity for...

08 September 2014

The Passage of Time

What I love the most about photography is capturing the “moment”. The moment, to me, can be a split second, or a passage of time. Either...

11 February 2014

Photography Project – taking pictures of the ocean

Today I took photos of the ocean. This photo was taken in the moments before sunrise, when the sun’s rays start spilling over the edge of...

10 August 2013

Our Brands