Angkor Wat, Cambodia. A Journey.

Part 4: The Jewel in the Lotus ओं मणिपद्मे हूं Creating this blog has been a journey in itself, looking at my photography of the temples...

29 March 2014


Part 3. People of Angkor. Looking back at the photographs that I have taken around the temples of Angkor Wat, there was a big change in...

21 March 2014

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. A Journey.

Part 2: The Power of Nature. The Angkor Wat Archaeological Park covers an area of approximately 400 square kilometres and is made up of over 1,000...

14 March 2014

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. A journey.

Part 1: Arrival I first visited the UNESCO world heritage site of Angkor Wat in 1999 after a friend who lives in Bangkok insisted I should...

07 March 2014

Social Media for Photographers

In my last post, I discussed Iphoneography and how far it has come in the past 10 years. In this post, I will be talking about...

24 February 2014

Amazing Myanmar

Stephen Studd, in this month will talk about his travels. This week, Yangon, into the heart of the city

08 May 2013

Our Brands