Es gibt so viele Wege, auf denen Sie die schönsten Ausblicke entdecken können.

Cape Point – A day just isn’t enough

Bartolomeu Dias named Cape Point the “Cape of Storm” in 1488 and if you have ever been you will understand the allure of “edge-of-world” vistas. The...

08 November 2018

A small bag with big attitude

This is my third National Geographic Bag review, my first for the African Collection. An being a South African, I just knew, this review will be...

24 October 2016

Ardmore Ceramic Art

While most of our photography and video work is in the wildlife, conservation and travel fields ( we do have some commercial clients as well, like...

25 May 2016

Travel Photography

Harder than you think. Most photos are taken while traveling. Who hasn’t heard of slide-show evenings where fathers present pictures from the last family vacation? These...

25 February 2014

When to use a monopod? – A private camp in Sabi Sabi, South Africa

In 2005, Zhang Qian Li won an award from the U.S. magazine National Geographic, for a piece of his travel photography work. He has always placed...

26 April 2013

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