Step-by-step recipe photography

When I began my blog, photography occupied only a marginal role in each post. To tell you the truth, even the writing wasn’t the main focus...

25 November 2015

Food photography outdoors in autumn

Daytime outdoors. Autumn. The light inflames the colours of the trees in a late autumn afternoon. The leaves go from reddish brown to the brightest yellow,...

21 November 2015

How to photograph soup and make it look tasty!

When I launched my cookery blog, my biggest problem was getting good photos. I’ve always been known, in my family, as the one who took awful...

14 November 2015

Authentic Bangkok Street Food and 8 Photos that Do Not Lie

Three days in Bangkok is not enough time to get to know the full street food map of this chaotic city, but it is enough for...

17 January 2015

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