Elaine Li Tokyo for Manfrotto

Journey through Tokyo Landmarks

Tokyo is known for its chaos that runs strong in the heart of one of the most systematized nation in the world. Chaos is easily experienced...

23 March 2018

Volodya Voronin for Manfrotto

Interview with Volodya Voronin: Sports photographer

   Can you tell us something about yourself and how did you first get into photography? My name is Volodya, I’m action & adventure sports photographer...

13 March 2018

London Fashion Week streetstyle Photography Manfrotto

Shooting Street Style at Fashion Week

I have been involved with London Fashion Week since 2011. I had just graduated from University and got a spot interning for an online magazine which...

20 February 2018

Tips For Incredible iPhone Street Photography

In my previous articles I mentioned how there’s no need to have a super professional equipment to start with street photography. Often I find myself shooting with my...

29 June 2016

Street Photography Tips for Beginners

I can still recall my first time as street style photographer on a trip abroad, I was in New York for Fashion Week and I was excited...

23 June 2016

Street Life: Tips For Successful Street Photography

The camera doesn’t make the photographer It isn’t important which device you use to take your photos. Of course a reflex camera is the professional choice but...

14 June 2016

10 Tips for the Aspiring Street Photographer

Tip #1: Don’t look for posers, but natural targets When you point your camera towards someone it can happen that they come up with a pose instantly....

31 May 2016

Taking pictures of people whilst travelling

I love looking through photo galleries; that’s often how I get my inspiration for my next trip and in such cases, I admit, I get carried...

12 February 2016

Urbex in Tuscany: the Forgotten Places project

The “Forgotten Places” photographic project, which is still going today, was started between 2014 and 2015, with the aim of telling the story of, and transporting...

20 December 2015

Street photography and photographing people; photos from a variety of trips

Just between us, what’s better and more inspiring than travel for taking beautiful photographs? Nothing, in my opinion, unless perhaps pictures of people, so for my...

09 October 2015

Searching for Words and Text in the City

Someone once said to me that I was a word hunter. I would have to agree. I love the written word, puns, sentences, lettering, sayings, rhymes,...

06 January 2015

The Secret to Fun Family Fashion Photos – Bold Backdrops

As a family lifestyle blogger I’m always interested in portraying that parenthood doesn’t have to be dull. That is can still be as exciting and bright...

24 December 2014

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