How Patong Beach and Seafood Restaurants Can Change Your Point of View

I’ve never been to Ibiza, nor to Rimini, in the summer, but if I have to describe a place that can help you understand what it’s...

25 January 2015

Authentic Bangkok Street Food and 8 Photos that Do Not Lie

Three days in Bangkok is not enough time to get to know the full street food map of this chaotic city, but it is enough for...

17 January 2015

Cooking courses in Thailand: Phuket Town market

If you travel for the food, one of the most exciting things to do is to take a cooking course in the place you are travelling:...

15 January 2015

Bangkok, a journey through the five senses

For many people, Bangkok is merely a stop-off point, a city in which to spend a few hours before going on to relax body and mind...

21 July 2014

Asia by bicycle… the taste of freedom

The feeling of freedom, independence, joy, light-heartedness; travelling by bicycle is truly a way of discovering and getting to know the places you travel through. By...

30 June 2014

Songkran: Once Is Enough!

Just a couple of days ago, I experienced my first–and maybe my last– Songkran festival. I lived a non-stop medley of activities. My emotions ran away...

22 April 2014

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