Taking pictures in the rain

Rain often has the power to spoil your mood and ruin the plans of those who are travelling and enjoying a well-deserved holiday. I have often...

02 March 2016

Photography in popular tourist destinations: use the intruder

Has it ever happened, during one of your trips, that you have found yourself looking at the perfect panoramic view, one that you absolutely have to...

13 February 2016

A sea amidst the Himachals – Pangong Tso

A 5-hour rough drive through dramatically scenic mountains from Leh will take you to Pangong So. It is a salt-water endorheic basin lying in the borders...

15 July 2014

Contrast in Faial

Our latest trip took us to a tiny island, two and a half hours into the middle of the Atlantic by the name of Faial. Part...

06 November 2013

Our Brands