Befree Camo Rock Grey

Befree Camo Rock Grey: style and performance

When it comes to tripod, I admit that I’m not the biggest tripod enthusiast in the world. The mainly reason being the fact that I think...

05 December 2018

Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Greece. One of the greatest nations in history. From ancient Greece came much great architecture, music, drama, design, art, philosophy, and democracy. The country was a...

19 September 2018

befree advanced carbon

Arctic Paradise: Expedition in East Greenland with Manfrotto

Thud!! The metallic echo reverberates through our tiny aluminum boat, buzzing our hands through the icy railings. My breath quickens with anticipation drawing in the dry,...

03 August 2018

Befree Live Carbon

5 tips to BeFree in the Mountains

As photographers and story tellers, we rely on certain tools to capture our environment, but what we take with us into the mountains, must be carefully...

11 June 2018

The allure of abandoned places

This project began 5 years ago as a simple adventure. I read in a newspaper about an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Milan province and, partly for...

01 May 2018

My Manfrotto Gear

Having the right gear for traveling is key. When doing day hikes and multi day hikes your equipment goes down to the essentials. Most important gear first: tent,...

25 October 2016

Travelling with a Tripod

Professional travel photographers would probably never consider taking a trip without carrying a tripod, along with a camera and a variety of lenses it is an...

19 July 2016

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