Elaine Li Tokyo for Manfrotto

Journey through Tokyo Landmarks

Tokyo is known for its chaos that runs strong in the heart of one of the most systematized nation in the world. Chaos is easily experienced...

23 March 2018

Sean Ensch Maldives for Manfrotto

Maldives Travels

Travelling to the Maldives has always been on my bucket list. The Maldives is an island nation south of India in the Indian Ocean that has...

02 March 2018

Taking pictures in the rain

Rain often has the power to spoil your mood and ruin the plans of those who are travelling and enjoying a well-deserved holiday. I have often...

02 March 2016

Photography in popular tourist destinations: use the intruder

Has it ever happened, during one of your trips, that you have found yourself looking at the perfect panoramic view, one that you absolutely have to...

13 February 2016

On the road amongst the castles of Scotland

One of the best ways of travelling, and for us the best way of all, is on the road: you study your route based on what...

24 January 2016

The Iceland you don’t expect

When you think about Iceland, you probably, like us, imagine hot springs in the middle of nowhere, boiling hot water that spouts when you least expect...

10 January 2016

My favourite place to travel

In the past few years, through my journey through photography and my course of study, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best...

02 December 2015

The unforgettable experience of travelling with colours

Any photographer, whether he be a traveller or not, should know basic colour theory in order to convey successfully feelings and emotions through the pictures he...

17 February 2015

Photos of reflections – something different for your travels

When you are travelling, especially in more famous and popular tourist destinations, you often find yourself lacking inspiration or seeing every shot as a bit banal....

11 February 2015

Photography Challenges: 17 Subjects to Awaken Your Creative Eye

Sometimes you don’t see the forest for the trees. Or, you would like to do a certain thing, but don’t quite know how to approach it....

31 January 2015

How I Fuel My Passion for Taking Café Photos

I absolutely love drinking coffee. My favorite are the fine coffees, i.e. the ones that are made with a strong espresso and a decent quantity of...

27 January 2015

Searching for Words and Text in the City

Someone once said to me that I was a word hunter. I would have to agree. I love the written word, puns, sentences, lettering, sayings, rhymes,...

06 January 2015

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