Flatlays By Matilde Minauro

7 tips to take lovely flat-lays

Flat Lay photography is an easy way to showcase your essentials, tell a story, and surprise your Instagram followers. They’re very simple to do, can be shot...

01 June 2018

Jose Canelas for Manfrotto

Photography in Costa Vicentina

Portugal, a country in southwestern Europe, whose territory lies in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula and in archipelagos in the North Atlantic. In this...

21 May 2018

Sean Ensch for Manfrotto


Let’s talk about focal lengths. Well first, what is it? Focal length refers to the calculation of the optical distance from where the light rays of...

15 May 2018

The allure of abandoned places

This project began 5 years ago as a simple adventure. I read in a newspaper about an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Milan province and, partly for...

01 May 2018

Manfrotto Sara Izzi

Photography trip to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan

Last September, I went to Central Asia for the first time and I totally fell in love with the place. This dreamy place of barren lands...

01 May 2018

Guide to Buying a Tripod for Travel Photography

As a travel photographer and blogger, I photograph a wide range of subjects from people to landscapes, wildlife to architecture. A tripod is an essential item...

05 May 2016

Photographing flowers and creating tutorials

My passion for plants and gardening blossomed in adulthood. Being self-taught, I couldn’t count on any lessons from family or friends, which seems to be the...

08 April 2016

Looking out over the Atlantic

The fragrance of pasteis accompanies me to the station to catch the train to Cascais. It is a cloudy day, perfect for taking pictures along the...

13 December 2015

With Manfrotto Off road on the Costa dei Trabocchi

I had been wanting to organise a trip along the famous Costa dei Trabocchi in the Abruzzo region for a while, and, seeing as my new...

09 May 2015

Testing out the Klyp+ on the road

The iPhone 6 camera is the latest version of that which the American photographer Anne Leibovitz described as “The best compact camera”, and its 35mm f...

27 April 2015

Creation of photographs 「Light」

It is when light hits the photographic subject that its contours become visible. Depending on the light source and the kind of light, the colors and...

18 February 2015

Early morning beach view

Ten things you can’t shoot without a tripod

We’ve put together a hit list of the shots you can’t get without a tripod

18 June 2012

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