The Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city as happening as it gets. Lines and lines of skyscrapers give shade to streets where people and traffic hustle and bustle...

24 October 2014

The Cool Barrios of Santiago de Chile

Santiago is not an obvious city. The variety of people, places and sights contained within the Chilean capital is astounding. From the skyscrapers of “Sanhattan”, the...

03 October 2014

Street Photography: Capturing the Moment With An External Lens

When it comes to street photography, I don’t think there is any advantage in aiming at people with a huge reflex camera, because by doing so...

13 June 2014

Street photography – first steps

Living in a city like Berlin means living with people. A lot of people. So when taking photos it is usually harder NOT to have one...

04 June 2014

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