manfrotto pro light cinematic expand

To Amsterdam, Milan and Montecarlo with Manfrotto Pro Light Cinematic Expand

Travelling is an integral part of my job as a videomaker and certainly one of the most exciting aspects, as it gives me the opportunity to...

03 August 2018

How to Create Instagram Video in 5 Simple Steps

Move over photos, make some room for video!  Instagram is embracing video in a big way, allowing users to post up to 60 second videos to...

07 February 2017

Instagram Stories: How to Create Engaging Content

Let’s be honest.  What we see on Instagram is not always a true account for what is happening at this very instant.  Often, the content we...

07 February 2017

A Chill, Video Portrait

I met Cass, or “Marcus Alfonso,” an aspiring model/actor, through my coworker, our mutual friend Gary. Cass reached out to me awhile back for help developing...

22 January 2015

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