Looking out over the Atlantic

The fragrance of pasteis accompanies me to the station to catch the train to Cascais. It is a cloudy day, perfect for taking pictures along the...

13 December 2015

My favourite place to travel

In the past few years, through my journey through photography and my course of study, I have come to the conclusion that one of the best...

02 December 2015

Photos of reflections – something different for your travels

When you are travelling, especially in more famous and popular tourist destinations, you often find yourself lacking inspiration or seeing every shot as a bit banal....

11 February 2015

10 Tips For Taking Incredible iPhone Photos Of Water

Water is everywhere! Rivers, lakes, oceans, puddles, rain… You can find water to photograph in most places that you pass through! Water is one of the...

11 November 2014

Songkran: Once Is Enough!

Just a couple of days ago, I experienced my first–and maybe my last– Songkran festival. I lived a non-stop medley of activities. My emotions ran away...

22 April 2014

Plucked to Present

Finally, after gloomy months without sun and warmth which felt like an eternity, the sun is out again, filling my heart, my soul, and my flower...

07 May 2013

Our Brands