Shooting in extreme winter conditions and environment

Shooting on the snow combines an intense and meticulous organization that puts together the photographer’s abilities and the uncontrollable mother nature. The more the photographer is...

23 February 2018

A Winter Colorado Adventure

Colorado is so hot right now.  And by hot, I mean cold.  While it’s a year-round destination, Colorado’s snowy season welcomes visitors from near and far....

31 March 2017

The Manfrotto TwistGrip

If you love to document your life, capturing important moments as fast they come, Manfrotto has a slick line-up of accessories that will take your smartphone’s...

09 May 2016

Travelling through the Seasons

On foot, by bicycle, hitch-hiking, by bus: a traveller has no fear of the weather and will travel in any season. Every time of year has...

24 February 2015

Aurora borealis, an ephemeral dance over the Lofoten Islands

It’s not everyone who has the privilege of witnessing the aurora borealis during the long winter nights in Northern Europe. The greenish shades of the Northern...

08 June 2014


The Southern Hemisphere is often overlooked when thinking about mountains, snow and winter time vibes, but the truth is there’s great terrain and opportunities in places...

10 December 2013


Historically the Lake Tahoe (California, USA) region is blessed with 400 inches (1066 cms) of snowfall every winter, which is plenty of fresh to cure those...

06 December 2013

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