“Web video killed the TV star”

On the web, the boundaries between hobby filmers and professional video producers are becoming increasingly blurred.

24 April 2013

Web video – getting started and first steps

In the second part of my four-part series “Web video killed the TV star”, I'd like to show you what you need to get started with...

12 April 2013

The top ten Christmas YouTube videos

Christmas is the season of joy, festive jumpers, Christmas-cake-swollen bellies and classic movies. To help get you in the festive spirit and spread the holiday cheer,...

24 December 2012

How to get a million YouTube hits

Our four tips to viral video insanity

29 November 2012

Top 10 most adorable pets on the internet

Animals do the darndest things! This week we provide you with a merry abundance of animals doing funny, lovable and crazy things luckily captured for all...

30 October 2012

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